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Error code: posted in Windows Vista: Umm, I had this error when i tried to open a file = ) All i did, was move the files somewhere. · Windows error text: The specified file cannot be played on the specified MCI device. The file may be corrupt,. MCI device error ( Don' t ask me why,. Delphi中TMediaPlayer播放音乐出现" no MCI device open" 的错误的解决方法. 最近 用DELPHI的TMediaPlayer写了一个音乐控制软件, 用到了TMediaPlayer控件, 播放 音乐时总是出现no MCI device open的错误。 查了半天资料终于. No MCI Device Open - Pascal / Delphi. Device identifier of the MCI device that. Returns zero if successful or an error otherwise. Remarks The MCI_ OPEN_ TYPE. Board index » delphi » no MCI device. Delphi Developer. : 32: 44 PM delphi17 Hi,.

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    Device delphi error

    Control Panel, Windows Setup. Possible reasons for a EMCIDeviceError: It' s known that mediaplayer has problems with some MP3 files, depending from the version of the mediaplayer that is installed on the machine. Try updating mediaplayer on the. Why do I get this error “ EMCIDeviceError” when opening some wav. I am using Delphi 4 Pro and the standard. It says there is not a wave device that can play. · When I click on the audio link I get an MCI error. It says " The specified file cannot be played on the specified MCI device. End program- MCI command handling. · I keep getting this same message in a pop up window. If not deleted the pop up boxes just keep accumulating on the screen, i. e; " failed to open mci device. · The mciSendString function sends a command string to an MCI device. The device that the command is sent to is specified in the command string. I am using Delphi 5 and am getting errors with the TMediaPlayer component.

    When I attempt to play any WAV file, I get the following error message: The MCI device you. Ada pengguna Shollu yang mungkin suara adzan dalam format mp3 tidak berjalan lancar, bahkan ketika menjalankan adzan program langsung menutup atau ada pesan error tentang “ MCI Device. Jika hal ini terjadi coba. · The mciSendCommand function sends a command message to the specified MCI device. Returns zero if successful or an error. Пользователь damian задал вопрос в категории Программное обеспечение и получил на него 3 ответа. Welcome to Delphi Technologies. We are a leading global automotive emissions, fuel economy and aftermarket solutions provider. Advanced internal combustion. From RAD Studio API Documentation. EMCIDeviceError is raised if an error occurs when accessing a multimedia device.

    · Мой комп моследнее время при включении выдает 2 сообшения об ошибке, " No MCI device open" и " Could not open. What is Error No Mci Device Open error? The Error No Mci Device Open error is the Hexadecimal format of the error caused. This is common error code format used by. · system error: MCI Error: There is no driver installed on your system. if u r using laptops, disable all audio output devices from device lphi: Error when starting MCI. Turn on the " debug DCUs" linker option and step through the Play method to find the API error code that triggered Delphi to raise. The Media Control Interface — MCI for short — is a high- level API developed by Microsoft and IBM for controlling multimedia peripherals connected to a Microsoft. Board index » delphi » MCI error using tmediaplayer. application from CD, I get a ' MCI device not present' error, when I launch.

    This page is intended as a supplement to the official documentation on Delphi programming. CodeGear is in the process of putting the Delphi. · I have installed and am happily running Apple' s iTunes and iPod on my new WindowsXP computer, but since the installation I am. You can find an example of a simple Delphi app using WasAPI here: archive. org/ delphi- source- code/ 547/. Note that the original website has long since gone down, but. · Right, Well it' s all in the title really. I have currently created a simple media player using Delphi 7 and I' m running Vista. The program has also bee. EMCIDeviceError Class. I want to play a video in Delphi. This is the code that I' ve got: if OpenDialog1.

    But I get an error message: ' The specified file cannot be played on the specified MCI device. The file may be corrupt, not in the correct format or lphi. TMediaPlayer = class( TCustomControl). class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TMediaPlayer : public Vcl: : Controls: :. TMediaPlayer controls devices that provide a Media Control Interface ( MCI) driver. · Компьютерный форум Ru. Board » Операционные системы » Microsoft Windows » No MCI device open : Модерирует : KLASS, IFkO. advanced_ delphi] A TMediaPlayer Question Error No MCI device open. [ advanced_ delphi] A TMediaPlayer Question Error No MCI device. Почему при использовании компонента TMediaPlayer, некоторые mp3 открываются а некоторые нет EMCIDeviceError с сообщением " No MCI device open". , Жду варианта решения проблем! property Error: Longint read FError;. if MCIOpened then Close; { must close MCI Device first before opening another}. なるのですが、 Displayプロパティをセットした 状態でUnicodeファイル名の音声メディアを読み込むと最初の一度だけエラーが出て.