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However, every time I run the code, I am getting a 401 Unauthorized error, despite using my admin username password. What am I missing in my snippet in. I am trying to access url with windows credential using curl. command example: curl - u [ my windows user name] url. after this curl ask for password. I am providing correct password but still getting 401 error. 個人で運営してるTwitter Streaming APIを使ったサービスで、 突然401エラーが出る ようになった。 原因がわからず結構ハマってしまったので、 共有のために書いておく。 エラー内容. $ curl - - request ' POST'. com/ Push_ Order. I had exactly this error message coming from my Apache2 web server and it took me a little while to diagnose, so I want to document what was. Qiita APIドキュメント - Qiita: Developer. なお, ユーザ名+ パスワードを / api/ v1/ auth に postすればtokenを取得できる. Basic認証, OAuth2トークン( ヘッダー or パラメータ) の3種類が使える. $ curl - u " username" github.

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    というわけで、 最近、 curlでPOSTしたりDELETEしたりcookieからSessionを読み込ん だりと触れ合う機会が多かった. curl - sS - u yasuhiroki: miss - f curl: ( 22) The requested URL returned error: 401. I' m getting an error, " The requested URL returned error: 401 Unauthorized", when attempting to use PHP cURL with Google Apps Script. I' ve been following the following guides, but nothing seems to work: How do I post to a Google script with. Your header fields shouldn' t have the : in the array defnition: ' X- Parse- REST- API- Key: ' = > ' XXXXX' ) ; ^ - - - remove these. That makes the : part of the field name, so you' re actually sending: X- Parse- REST- API- Key: : XXXXX. Your - d parameter should be x- www- form- urlencoded like a query string: user[ email] = email& user[ password] = password. If you want to continue using JSON the way you are you have to add the Content- type header to your - H : Content- type:. i know that i' m not first, but i did search and didn' t found solution. First of all i need to make this: curl - user1: pass1 - X POST - d" data" mysite. But i don' t want to use curl lib for such easy request,.