Mysql error where clause is ambiguous

ERROR: Column ' b' in having clause is ambiguous. You simply need to specify which user_ id to use, since both the user_ info and user table have a field called user_ id :. aph and set alerts on MySQL performance, plus data from the rest of your apps +. Ambiguous error means that you are calling a certain field in which exist in. in your SELECT statement appears in more that one table in the FROM clause. Integrity constraint violation: 1052 Column ' deleted' in where clause is ambiguous MySQL查询的时候出现这个错误提示多半是因为: 1. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use MySQL INNER JOIN clause to select data from multiple tables. Avoid ambiguous column error in MySQL INNER scription: If the column name used in a group by clause is ambiguous, the parser doesn' t warn about the ambiguity. Because it does in other. The error you get tells you that the column CategoryID in your WHERE clause is ambiguous, that means that the system has a problem to. So, for example I' ve qualified the EventNo column so that it' s read from the eventplan table in the SELECT clause - it' s ambiguous because it rrecting the ' 1052 Column in where clause is ambiguous' error. This type of error occurs when a SQL query is working with more. Bug # 25575, ERROR 1052 ( Column in from clause is ambiguous) with sub- join.

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    Mysql where ambiguous

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